The Unique Attractions of Campuestohan Highland Resort

Established in 2012 by Mr. Ricardo “Cano” Tan, a respected businessman and former government official, the resort was originally meant to be his retirement home where he could enjoy the scenery on a daily basis with his wife, Ms. Nita Tan. Friends and other members of his family, however, soon cajoled him into converting it into a public resort where visitors would also be able to take pleasure in the same scenery and environment that Mr. Tan and his wife enjoy.

The resort soon became very popular, not only because of its cool atmosphere and scenery, but also because of its unique attractions. One of these attractions is the life-size replicas of superheroes and animals referred to by the owners and staff as the “giants.” The largest of these giants is a life-size replica of King Kong, that giant ape in the 1970s movie who took over the city of New York. This particular attraction is currently under construction but is already nearing completion. A short distance away from King Kong, you will find huge replicas of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, arrayed in flank position. Have your pictures taken with your animal symbol amidst the beautiful backdrop of the lush rainforest of Mt. Mandalagan.

Further down, you will see a Stonehenge-type structure filled with life-size replicas of superheroes. Have your pictures taken with Wonderwoman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Flash, The Green Lantern, and the superhero that started it all – Superman. If you are a music enthusiast, you might want to also have your picture taken with a life-size replica of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Or if you are a basketball fanatic, this is your chance to have your photo taken with the life-size replica of the greatest basketball star of all time, His Royal Airness, Michael Jordan.


A few meters away from the Stonehenge-type structure are beautiful huts referred to by Campuestohan Highland Resort owners and staff as “Bonita Huts.” These beautiful huts will definitely remind you of the quaint houses of The Hobbits in the movie series The Lord of the Rings. Available for a low price, these charming huts are perfect for a family of four who wish to stay for the night. Near the Bonita Huts are umbrella huts that are meant for guests who want to visit the resort for the day.

Near the spot where the Bonita Huts are, an irrigation channel, which is owned by the government, cuts through the sprawling complex of the resort. Instead of allowing the irrigation channel to destroy the beauty of the place, the resort owners and planners have ingeniously integrated some designs and beautiful giant ferns and plants in the surrounding area of the channel, making it more natural and truly beautiful. The resort owners and planners even added waterspouts, a life-size replica of the pre-historic Triceratops, and an attractive wooden bridge arching high above the irrigation channel. Guarding the entrance to the wooden bridge are life-size replicas of a Mohawk Indian holding a machete high above his head, and an Alien robot with its futuristic weapon. Today, this area has become one of the most photographed spot in Campuestohan Highland Resort.

Near the bridge is the alluring log cabin, which somehow reminds you of the charming log cabins of the old west. It houses a number of rooms where resort guests can stay for the night and a restaurant where you can sample delectable gourmet cuisines. The huge terrace of this beautiful log cabin, which serves as its main restaurant, is a perfect place to view the majestic scenery of the east side of Negros Occidental. From this vantage point, you will be able to see and distinguish the structures located in the cities of Bacolod, Talisay and Silay. A larger version of this log cabin is currently being constructed and will hold more night rooms, a multi-purpose hall and another restaurant.

Some distance away from the main log cabin are rows of cottages where guests can sit and relax for the day. This is also where you will find a huge children’s playground, which feature an assortment of fun treats like slides, swings, seesaws, and many more. Adjacent to the playground is a sparkling swimming pool where guests, both young and old, can take a dip and enjoy the cool water offered by Campuestohan Highland Resort. At present, a larger pool is being constructed and once completed, will showcase a 3D effect which would make the swimmer see and feel like he is swimming amongst various sea creatures.

Plenty of additional attractions are in the pipeline, promising a more unique and memorable experience for visitors of the resort. These include a 340-meter zipline, a huge shoe-house, hanging bridge, and many more. With all the present and future attractions of Campuestohan Highland Resort, your visit will surely and truly be memorable.