Our Story

Campuestohan Highland Resort is the brainchild of the visionary couple Ricardo “Cano” Tan and Nita Tan. Its history is as lovely and grand as the present beauty that awaits visitors who take the time out to commune with nature in this glorious haven in Negros Occidental.


Situated right in the boundaries of two of the most progressive cities in the province – Bacolod City and Talisay City, Campuestohan is a 5-hectare property that radiates the splendor of the lush green forests of Mt. Makawili. From this vantage point, one can see the breathtaking view of almost half of the entire province of Negros Occidental, and even that of Panay Island. Most of the time, the weather in the resort is downright cool while one can see the seemingly merciless heat in the plains below.


Back then, Mr. and Mrs. Tan were only dreaming of a retirement home where they can relax in their advancing years. The owners of this vast area in Campuestohan offered the property to the couple, and even though they have not seen the property as Mr. Tan was busy with his political plans at that time, they decided to purchase it.


When the couple finally had the chance to see the property for themselves, they were taken by surprise at the majestic panorama that unfolded right before their eyes. And after having seen the view from Campuestohan, the ball started rolling. The couple made plans on how to develop it into becoming more than a little Tagaytay, but one that can surpass all expectations as to what a great resort really is.


From that grassy area situated about 800-meters above sea level, the 5-hectare property of Mr. and Mrs. Tan has undergone an enormous transformation and is now one of the most famous tourist destinations in Negros Occidental.


It is a wonderland that can fill the hearts and minds of children and adult alike. Reinvent the wheels of time by remembering the age of the dinosaurs. Soar right into the realm of superheroes and giants. Stand beside the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Thor and the Green Lantern. Take notice of famous personages in the world like Elvis Presley and Michael Jordan. And, take some time to gaze at King Kong, the giant gorilla who owned the movie scene for many years during the 80’s.


Take a dip in the swimming pool, walk through the gardens, have fun in the playground and simply relax and unwind. In time, go horseback riding and bring out an adventurous spirit by riding on a 340-meter zipline.


Everything that one can ask for is found right here at Campuestohan Highland Resort. There simply is no need to look further, because nothing compares to the panoramic scenery and breathtaking beauty that Campuestohan offers.

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Bringing of pets is highly discouraged.

Yes.  The resort requires at least 50% down payment to confirm your booking.

Bringing of cooking appliances is strictly prohibited for the reason of fire and electrical safety.

Guests are free to bring their own food provided that they’ll be staying among our picnic cottages.  Corkage fee applies once you bring outside food into our pavilion restaurant.

It would be advisable for guests to make a reservation ahead of their scheduled trip.

Our parking space is free on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Yes.  We accept credit card transactions from Visa and Mastercard.

We also accommodate guests who wish to camp.  We charge P350.00/person per night.  This rate is already inclusive of entrance fee and use of our toilet and bathroom facilities.  Guests who wish to camp can pitch their tents beginning 5pm then pack-up by 6am.

Children 2 years old and below are exempted from paying entrance fee and from headcount.  However, if child is over 2 years, the child is subject to paying entrance fee at the same rate as adults.

Guests can enjoy grilling and barbeque in our grilling area for a minimal fee.  Bringing of outside grillers into the resort is not allowed.

We can customize group packages suitable to your needs and budget.  Please contact us through our booking office.

Yes.  We have a restaurant serving affordable and sumptuous meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.  Restaurant is open daily from 7am-9pm.

Please call our booking office (contact details listed on Contacts page) to make a reservation or to check on room and cottage availability.  Office hours from 9am-6pm daily.

Approximately 30-45 minutes drive.

The resort is open everyday from Monday-Sunday.

Yes there is.  Proper swimming attire is required when using the swimming pool.  Clothes made of jersey, cotton, and denim are not allowed.

Yes there is.  Maximum weight limit for guests who would want to participate in our Zip Line & Rope Course is 120kilograms, 90 kilograms for Sky Bicycle and Cable Hamster Wheel.

Best way to commute is via taxi or van rental.  Guests can also take a jeep from Burgos Market, Bacolod going to Brgy. Alangilan then tricycle going to Campuestohan Highland Resort.

Check-in time for guests who wish to stay for the night is at 2pm, check-out time is 12nn the following day.  However, guests with room reservations can already enter the resort and as early as 7am, resort opening hour.

Resort operating hours is from 7am-6pm for day-trips.