Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod – The Perfect Summer Getaway


Settled near the towering peaks of Mounts Mandalagan and Patag, the breeze is so cool that you would soon definitely forget how humid it is below.


Founded and established by Ricardo “Cano” Tan just a couple of years ago, it was initially designed to be a safe refuge for the Tan family whenever they wanted to seek shelter from the hustle and bustle of city life. In fact, Cano, as he was fondly called by his friends and associates, envisioned the place to be his retirement home after his long stint in the business and political arena. However, perhaps due to his nature of sharing the good things in life to everyone he meets, Cano decided to open the place to the public in order for them to also take pleasure in the cool atmosphere that the Tan family is enjoying.

Initially, Campuestohan Highland Resort only had the swimming pool and the main log cabin, which resembles, obviously, like log cabins usually found in Canadian and American mountains. The resort also offer visitors a chance to have their photos taken with life-size figures of movie icons such as dinosaurs (Jurassic park), alien cyborgs (Predator), Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Michael Jordan and many more, which are located in various strategic locations within the compound.


It also highlights the Bonita Huts, a series of detached overnight accommodations, which have been designed to resemble the abodes of Hobbits of the Kingdoms of Middle Earth as featured in the Lord of the Rings series. In only a short time, the resort gained such huge prestige and popularity which prompted the visionary Tan family to add more features in order for visitors to enjoy the place more.

One of the new features that guests enjoy is the resort’s 340-meter Zipline. Rising nearly or more than sixty feet above ground, this fabulous zipline offers you the chance of viewing the entire expanse of the resort as you zip through its cable from the eastern point to the western end at more than 50 km per hour. The zipline staffs are very friendly and accommodating. They give you proper instructions on how to do it and ensure that you understand all of the process before the launch. While the entire zip trip lasts only under a minute, the adrenaline rush is never-ending and persists even long after you go down the western platform. Make sure you bring your sports shoes though as this is one requirement for guests who wanted to try out the zipline.

Another great new highlight of Campuestohan Highland Resort is the Rope Course. The main objective of this feature is to challenge guests to complete the course without falling off the more than ten feet elevated series of planks, tires, ropes, etc. If you look at it from below, the course seemed easy enough to hurdle. Once you tried it, however, you will find that it takes all of your strength, willpower and perseverance to complete the task without falling. Almost all of the resort guests who have tried the rope course praised it saying that it is by far the best feature that the place has. In a way, the course tests how far the guests are willing to go. Don’t worry though if you slip and fall because the harness will safely catch you. Just like the zipline, you must have your sports shoes on if you want to try out the rope course.

If the zipline and rope course are not your cup of tea, then you might want to try out another new feature of the resort. For an affordable rate of P150 (one hundred fifty pesos), you can ride in one of the horses for 15 minutes. Located at the eastern end of the resort, you can enjoy a leisurely horseback riding around a safe course. Best of all, the experience comes with a free lesson in mounting and reining. For sure, you will feel like a professional equestrian after the experience. As with the other new features of the resort, make sure to don on sports shoes because you are required to wear one if you want to go on horseback riding.

The Dumbo mini-train is another new attraction that the resort offers for both the kids and kids-at-heart. The train is very colorful and appealing to the eyes. The ride is safe and smooth for kids. If parents and guardians can also ride the mini-train, particularly for those who have children who are unable to properly seat and hold on to the train’s windows. For a very low price of P20 for each passenger, young and adults alike can enjoy a 5-miniute ride. You can ride the mini-train even if you’re only wearing slippers.

Another new attraction at the Campuestohan Highland Resort is the life-size replica of the giant gorilla, KingKong. Sitting atop what looks like a huge rock, KingKong’s statue is visible even from the faraway entrance gate of the resort. Around KingKong are several damaged replicas of aircrafts such as a Huey helicopter and a United States Air Force jet fighter. These are the aircrafts destroyed by the giant gorilla while evading his captors. As it turns out, this giant statue of the Kong holds some secrets within. It has a spacious room inside with bed and table, which guests may use if they so wish. Just ask resort personnel about this and they would surely be most glad to help you out. Another delightful feature about KingKong is that it suddenly gives out a deep throaty growl. So don’t be surprised if you hear its thundering growl! The giant statue is equipped with sound system that periodically gives out a loud roar, just like that of KingKong in the movies.

If you wish to have a leisurely walk with your family while enjoying the panoramic scenery of the cities and towns below the resort, you would definitely want to have this stroll across the resort’s new hanging bridge. Stretching for nearly or more than 100 meters, it offers a spectacular view of Bacolod City, as well as the cities of Talisay and Silay. You can even see the coastlines of western Negros and on clear days, you can also see the far-off island of Guimaras and Iloilo. On its eastern side, you will enjoy the lovely mountain ranges of Mt. Patag and Mandalagan. Just make sure not to walk fast, run or jump, particularly if you have your small kid with you because the hanging bridge could easily get you off balance. This is due to the fact that the hanging bridge relies on suspension cable which sway back and forth, or up and down, when guests repeatedly jump or run. Don’t worry though because there is no danger of falling off the hanging bridge because its sides are lined with four-foot high truss made of huge crisscrossed ropes designed to prevent you from going off the bridge.

Another latest addition to the place is the resort pavilion. While this new structure may look almost the same as the main log cabin, it is much bigger and can accommodate big celebrations such as weddings and other events held by business establishments. The two storey structure has a restaurant that can seat nearly two hundred guests and upper function rooms that can be used to hold private events or celebrations. The atmosphere at the resort pavilion is very cozy and can give you a feeling that you are in a log cabin located in the Canadian mountains. The prices of the food are very reasonable and you can choose from a wide array of seafood and native delicacies.

If you desire to take a cool and refreshing dip, you can choose from either of the two pools within the resort compound. The old one is located at the western section of the resort near the hanging bridge while the new one, which is shaped like a giant footmark is situated near the giant statue of KingKong. The main foot form part of the adult pool, which is four feet deep, while the five toes act as the kiddie pool, with the giant fifth and fourth toe having depths of about two feet of water while the third, second and main toe, have depths ranging from two and one-half to three and one-half feet of water.

Beside the new giant foot pool is the two storey shoehouse, which act as the shower room and toilet. The upper floor serves as accommodations for guests and is really a cool place to be if you want to be near the new pool. This new shoehouse will definitely remind you of the nursery rhyme “Old Lady in the Shoe” because that is what the resort’s new shoe house looked like – a shoe. Another reason why it is a great place to be when you want to go swimming is because of the vantage point it offers. Since it is an elevated structure, you can see more of the things around the resort.

If you wish to take pleasure in a cup of delicious coffee, Campuestohan Highland Resort offers its newly-constructed coffee shop. You can enjoy an aromatic brew of fresh coffee or enjoy a cool and refreshing melon shake. The resort’s new coffee shop is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee with your loved one. You get to relish the hot or cold drink while adoring the refreshing sight of the resort and its mountain ranges to the east or the panoramic views of the plains below to the west. Truly, this is a most delightful way of culminating your visit at this perfect getaway in Negros Occidental.