Feel the Waves of Sea Right on Top of the Mountain!

    Sea Waves at the Mountain Top You heard it right! Indeed, at the top of one of the peaks of Negros Occidental lies Campuestohan Highland Resort. Yes, the resort offers absolutely amazing amenities that are perfect for the family, but one thing that has gained so much attention today is the humongous Shark […]

Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod – The Perfect Summer Getaway

  Settled near the towering peaks of Mounts Mandalagan and Patag, the breeze is so cool that you would soon definitely forget how humid it is below.   Founded and established by Ricardo “Cano” Tan just a couple of years ago, it was initially designed to be a safe refuge for the Tan family whenever […]

Defy Gravity Whenever You Jump Way So High on a Trampoline!

Defying Gravity You can do all these whenever you would jump on a huge trampoline! Whenever you jump on the trampoline, your body defies gravity. You are sent upwards so high and with such force that you could simply feel the blood rushing through your body! This exhilarating feeling can’t be experienced even if you […]

Campuestohan Highland Resort-A Cool and Refreshing Getaway in Talisay City

Looking towards the east, you can see below the sprawling cities of Bacolod, Talisay, Silay and Bago. In fact, you will also be able to see the port of the town of Pulupandan. On clear days, you can see the western side of the island of Panay and Guimaras, bounded by the calm sea bedecked […]

Treat Your Family to Something Better than Wrapped Gift this Christmas

Christmas Vacation Isn’t it that a vacation is something that is ought to be enjoyed by every member of the family? You would be having several days of relaxation with your kids on Christmas and it would be way better if you would celebrate their “relaxed days” in one of the best resorts in the […]

The Unique Attractions of Campuestohan Highland Resort

Established in 2012 by Mr. Ricardo “Cano” Tan, a respected businessman and former government official, the resort was originally meant to be his retirement home where he could enjoy the scenery on a daily basis with his wife, Ms. Nita Tan. Friends and other members of his family, however, soon cajoled him into converting it […]

5 Amazing Hamster Facts that Will Get You Riding the Hamster Wheel

1. Vegetarians The diet of hamsters is normally composed of fruits, seeds and vegetables. This means that their bodies are mainly clean, considering that their diet is primarily comprised of plants. Although they sometimes feed on insects, this is an occasional thing. 2. Good Diggers Hamsters have the ability to create burrows. These burrows are […]

Touch the Clouds at Campuestohan Highland Resort

All the while, you feel the cool and fresh-scented highland air gently brushing through your hair, soothing your emotions and calming your soul. In fact, it is easy to forget that you are on a beautiful mountain plateau more than 850 meters above sea level, bounded on the east side by a lush rainforest and […]

3 Fantastic Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Heights

Control Your Emotions Just like in love, people say that the brain is placed above the heart so that it will always be the one to decide, and not the heart. When it comes to overcoming your fear, tell yourself that you will no longer be imprisoned by that fear. Rather, you will go out [...]

Exploring the Campuestohan Highland Resort High Above the City of Talisay

Getting to the resort is easy. If you are billeted in Bacolod City and have your own transportation, just follow the road going to Granada and on to Alangilan. If you do not know where that is, you can try the road map provided on the front page of the resort’s website. Once you get [...]