5 Amazing Hamster Facts that Will Get You Riding the Hamster Wheel

1. Vegetarians

The diet of hamsters is normally composed of fruits, seeds and vegetables. This means that their bodies are mainly clean, considering that their diet is primarily comprised of plants. Although they sometimes feed on insects, this is an occasional thing.

2. Good Diggers

Hamsters have the ability to create burrows. These burrows are in fact really good that hamsters can simply live there for a long time. Their movement is so fast, just like when they run inside a hamster wheel.

3. Can Triple their Head Size

Since hamsters have large cheeks, which they fill with food, they can increase the sizes of their heads up to three times whenever their cheeks are full. They simply eat a lot of food!

4. Color-blind and nearsighted

Although these critters are good diggers, their eyesight hasn’t always been their greatest assets. They couldn’t distinguish colors and could only see things that are near them.

5. Easy to Breed

While some animals hardly breed when they’re caught or held captives, hamsters are the opposite. They can still breed well, which makes them excellent pets! If you’ll have one for a pet, don’t forget its hamster wheel.


Now, these hamsters really have fine characteristics, right? So why not try to ride the hamster wheel at Campuestohan? It’s a great experience, you will not find anywhere else in the world.